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PSORTb Results (Click here for an explanation of the output formats)

SeqID: 207987 
  Analysis Report:
    CMSVM-            Unknown                       [No details]
    CytoSVM-          Unknown                       [No details]
    ECSVM-            Unknown                       [No details]
    ModHMM-           Unknown                       [No internal helices found]
    Motif-            Unknown                       [No motifs found]
    OMPMotif-         Unknown                       [No motifs found]
    OMSVM-            Unknown                       [No details]
    PPSVM-            Unknown                       [No details]
    Profile-          Unknown                       [No matches to profiles found]
    SCL-BLAST-        Unknown                       [No matches against database]
    SCL-BLASTe-       Unknown                       [No matches against database]
    Signal-           Unknown                       [No signal peptide detected]
  Localization Scores:
    Cytoplasmic            2.00
    CytoplasmicMembrane    2.00
    Periplasmic            2.00
    OuterMembrane          2.00
    Extracellular          2.00
  Final Prediction:

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